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Public toilets along the riverside in Rothbury.
Public toilets along the riverside in Rothbury.

Plans are progressing to reopen Rothbury’s Riverside toilets by next spring, the parish council heard.

At last week’s monthly meeting, chairman Coun Mark Gilson said he’d had a meeting to get the ball rolling on the plans.

The Riverside loos were closed when Northumberland County Council transferred the running of various amenities to parish and town councils, as it was believed that upgrades to them would cost £65,000.

When the parish council was told this, it was decided that they should be demolished as it could not afford to upgrade them.

However, the parish council has since found out that it does not have to pay that amount to reopen the facilities and is hoping to get them sorted.

Coun Gilson said: “We were misled in that if the county council was going to keep them on it would cost that, but we had no obligation to do that.

“I have been down to see them and there are two broken skylights and they are full of twigs and branches, etc.

“They need a good clean and I was told it would cost about £500 to get them sorted out.

“I think we should allow £1,000 to get them sorted.

“The county council have a high pressure cleaner that they can bring down to clean them once a week.

“I think we are totally obliged to reopen them definitely for the spring next year.”

He added that a tree overhanging the facility would need to be cut back a bit, and the council would also have to look at maintenance and replacing toilet paper and other items.

“We’ll need to investigate running costs and that sort of thing, but it would be great to be able to reopen them,” he added.

Councillors agreed that Coun Gilson would look into preparations to have them reopened.

The toilets would not have disabled facilities, but these will still be provided at Bridge Street loos.

Another update will be given at the next parish council meeting.