More than 100 complaints from resident

A policy to prevent habitual and vexatious complaints to Rothbury Parish Council has been brought into force due to a member of the public.

Since September last year, one village resident has made more than 100 ‘complaints, grumbles and statements of dissatisfaction’ with regards to the parish council’s activity.

At last month’s meeting, councillors agreed to put stage one of the policy into force as the resident’s behaviour was considered to be unreasonable and unacceptable and requested a change of approach.

However, a letter stating this was not signed for by the complainant and was sent back to the council.

At last Wednesday’s monthly meeting, councillors agreed to issue a public statement about the issue.

Part of it said: “The time and resources spent on this one individual by the unpaid and voluntary members of the parish council has reached a level at which they have been advised that they are in danger of neglecting village business that is important to all residents.”

Chairman Coun Alan Fendley said: “This is in some ways the most serious issue I and my predecessor Coun Jeff Reynalds have ever had to deal with.

“I am anxious that we draw a line under it as I feel we have gone as far as we can and done as much as we can.”