More services at station the goal of new petition

John Holwell at Chathill Railway Station.
John Holwell at Chathill Railway Station.

A Seahouses man has just launched a petition with the aim of getting more services to stop at a train station in north Northumberland.

John Holwell, who has a background in transport and the rail industry, hopes to get more train services to stop at Chathill.

Currently just two trains stop at Chathill each day, around 7am and 7pm, connecting rail users to Newcastle on old rolling stock.

John is specifically targeting the Cross Country franchise – a more realistic target than East Coast, he thinks – and his petition calls for at least three trains a day to stop at Chathill, linking the station to other destinations further afield, for example, Leeds and York to the south and Edinburgh to the north.

He hopes to collect 1,000 local signatures before giving the petition to the Secretary of State for Transport in the autumn, allowing plenty of time for the requests to be included in the new tender specification for the franchise, which expires in 2016.

Based on his own expertise, and from speaking to colleagues, he feels that the extra stops can be incorporated without impacting on punctuality, which is key for rail operators, and also believes it would help ease pressure on Alnmouth Station.