More recruits to the Army

AS momentum continues to build, more and more groups and organisations are falling in to the ranks of the Jam Jar Army.

But we still need to push for recruits if we are to make our ambitious target of raising £10,000 for HospiceCare North Northumberland by September.

We want everyone and anyone to have a jam jar in their home, school or workplace to collect any loose change to give to a cause that provides support to people in north Northumberland.

Schools have been getting involved but with the holidays fast approaching, some new thinking was required.

Rock Hall School, near Alnwick, has come up with a novel way of getting their pupils involved – homework.

Avril Lomas, one of the co-principals at the school, said: “We are setting filling a jam jar as holiday homework.

“The hospice is a very good cause and it’s great to be part of a local campaign. The children are always very keen to support local charities – we have supported the air ambulance and lifeboats before.”

There are 50 pupils at the school so there should be a return of 50 jars but it is hoped that some of the children can persuade friends or relatives to fill jars as well.

Elsewhere, staff and residents at the Heatherdale care home in South Broomhill are also getting on board.

Violet Douglas, from the care home, said: “I saw the campaign in the Gazette and I thought it would be nice to do as staff have had family affected by cancer.”

Get in touch with the Gazette if your school, business or organisation wants to get involved. Stickers for jars and posters for shop windows are available at the Gazette office in Alnwick.

Full jars can be dropped off at our office as well as the Lions bookshop on Bondgate Within and the HospiceCare North Northumberland centres in Alnwick and Berwick.

For more information about the campaign, see