More funding for elderly

ADULT services in Northumberland are to receive more than £150,000 of additional funding for the elderly and disabled.

Under the Government’s New Deal, the county council is to be given £169,000 which will give people more choice over where they live and ensure that their homes are suitable for their needs.

Coun Ian Lindley said: “It is important for the happiness and wellbeing of our most vulnerable residents to be able to live independently in their own homes. Sometimes, a small adaptation or extra monitoring equipment in the home can improve a person’s wellbeing enormously and can prevent the necessity for them having to rely on traditional caring support, for example when they are discharged from hospital or having to consider moving home.

“We want to help people live as independent lives as possible and will do this by providing the best possible services that support independent living and enable them to enjoy the best quality of life.”