Money appeal for cat's vet bill leads to purr-fect result

Animal lovers have raised money to help a '˜stray' cat, which has became something of a celebrity around Amble.

Thursday, 16th March 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:03 am
Oscar the Pod Cat.

The cute feline has been affectionately named Oscar the Pod Cat after being adopted by pod keepers at the Harbour Village.

They suspect that he doesn’t have an owner, so they feed him, give him flea treatments, brush him and make sure he is okay. He also has his own Facebook page!

Recently, they had a few concerns about his health and decided to take him to the vets for a general check-up.

To help pay for the vet bills, Coquet Cosmetics pod owner Laura Stubbs set up a GoFundMe page. It led to the r-fect response, with almost £200 raised so far.

And the prognosis is that Oscar, believed to be between four and eight, is healthy, apart from being overweight and needs to go on a diet.

Laura said: “We were a bit concerned about him so we took him to Alnorthumbria Vets in Amble and he got a general health check. I set up the GoFundMe page because people who don’t live in Amble wanted to help; one woman from Liverpool regularly rings to check on his welfare!

“Everyone’s asking how he is. We’ve even had people coming to the Harbour Village bringing money for him.

“All the money raised will go for Oscar. He’s on the Healthy Pet scheme at Alnorthumbria and we’re looking at taking out insurance.”