Molly settled in new home


This year’s Jam Jar Army beneficiary SHAK has recently received a letter from a family which gave a home to one of their dogs, highlighting the important work they do.

In March this year, Molly and Dolly arrived, as reported in the Gazette.

Found emaciated as strays, they were inseparable for the first few months as they settled in to SHAK and having very little confidence, what Dolly did, Molly followed.

Seven months on, and after making a very tough decision to separate them, they found a foster home for Molly.

She is now living with fantastic family and, as often happens, SHAK has received a lovely letter from her foster parents to keep us up to date on her progress.

“As I write this, Molly is lying across my knee.

“She is enjoying her walks along the coast, often off lead now, but staying close to us.

“She knows the way home and always wants to retrace our steps exactly, just to be certain.

“She and Murphy (another SHAK dog) are getting along fine and he is no longer scared of her, even when she almost gets her head into his mouth when he has food.

“Fortunately he isn’t at all food-aggressive, never having had to worry about where his next dinner is coming from, unlike Molly.

“We love Molly dearly and are so pleased you let us have her.

“We do hope Dolly hasn’t been too upset and that Hobo is looking after her.

“With our very best wishes, Colin, Dorothy, Molly and Murphy.”