Modernisation programme for Northumberland’s advice service

Moira Macfarlane. 'Picture by Jane Coltman
Moira Macfarlane. 'Picture by Jane Coltman

Citizens Advice Northumberland has announced that it will be modernising the way it delivers services.

This will allow it to maintain its reach across the county in response to changing demand.

Citizens Advice Northumberland.

Citizens Advice Northumberland.

The advice-providing charity, which last year helped 13,726 people with more than 40,000 different problems, is embarking on a programme of change to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of residents.

The charity has found that many more people are trying to access the service via telephone, email and webchat rather than by the traditional, face-to-face method.

In response to this change, the organisation is now planning to allocate a greater resource to these ways of providing information and advice, while maintaining a face-to-face presence across the county.

Citizens Advice Northumberland’s chief executive, Moira Macfarlane, said: “We are moving with the times and responding to the different ways people are accessing our help. The new model will allow us to deliver the service our clients need, when and where they need it.”

The organisation relies heavily on dedicated volunteers whose contribution to service delivery is invaluable. Volunteers will continue to have a central role in providing information and advice over the telephone, digitally and face-to-face within community settings.

This is a planned modernisation programme that will take place between now and 2019 with significant change taking place over the next 12 months. During this period, Citizens Advice will provide regular updates about the different ways people can access the service as and when changes occur.