Moat’s last letters

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SIX letters left by Raoul Moat which detailed his plans to take his own life were read to the jury at his inquest today.

Giving evidence Superintendent Jim Napier told the Newcastle Crown Court inquiry that officers searching Moat’s house in the hunt for the killer last July found undated letters addressed to six different people.

One to his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart said: “I love you always have and always will. I can’t go on without you. Knowing that you hate me is tearing me apart.

“I tried so hard for you but got nowhere.

“Maybe now you will understand just what effect this has had on me.”

A note to Karl Ness read: “I’m sorry mate, I’m done with it all. You’ve been a good mate even though I’ve not been the best.”

And one to ‘Anth’ said: “Sorry mate I know you tried but I can’t go on like this. I love her but I can’t live without her.” It ends: “Sorry but I’ve just had enough.”

In another he says that the break-up between him and Miss Stobbart has ‘knocked the stuffing’ out of him.

Supt Napier added that all the letters indicated that Moat wanted to take his own life.

But he added that it was not known when the letters were written.

Other items were also taken from the house including fishing weights used to make his own ammunition and other significant material.