Moat ate mice while on the run

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GUNMAN Raoul Moat ate mice while on the run in Rothbury, an inquest heard.

On day six of the Newcastle Crown Court hearing a police negotiator giving evidence from behind a screen told the jury that Moat, 37, was given a sandwich after telling police he was starving and had been living off mice.

Identified only as A2, the negotiator said he thought he heard two shots as the self-confessed killer shot himself on the banks of the River Coquet in Rothbury last July.

Another negotiator, A1, said the police had expected Moat to ring all week, after he went on the run following the shooting of his ex-girlfriend Samantha Stobbart and Pc David Rathband and killing Chris Brown.

He added that police had not videoed the six-hour stand-pff because of Moat’s personality disorders.

As no pictures were available the jury was played a recording of negotiations. In it Moat continues to talk about his ex, Sam and his children.

The negotiations took place across a distance of 10 metres while Maot held a shotgun under his chin or at his temple either lying down, sitting or kneeling.

Police marksmen aimed automatic weapons at the gunman throughout the stand-off.

The inquest continues tomorrow.