Mixed views on dog ban over the summer at Little Shore beach

The Little Shore in Amble.
The Little Shore in Amble.

A summer dog ban on an Amble beach has divided opinion, with some people supporting the restriction while others have criticised the move.

Last week, the Gazette reported that the ban at the Little Shore, started last year, will resume on Monday and run to September 30.

Warkworth Harbour Commissioners launched the restriction for the 2016 summer season. The aim was to stamp out the poo problem and allow families to use the beach area safely in peak months.

The restriction includes the dunes area, but dogs are still able to go onto the pier. It is in line with other beaches where dogs aren’t allowed from May to September, such as Newbiggin and Blyth.

The news sparked mixed views on our Facebook page.

Tracy Morrow wrote: ‘It should be a permanent ban. The amount of times I’ve had to clean dog poop off my child’s shoes is ridiculous.’

Isabel Morrison added: ‘My three-year-old grandson fell face down into a big dog poo at the Little Shore last year, so I totally agree with the ban.’

But Linda Harding posted: ‘They can’t enforce this. I will still walk mine, as I have done for years. I’m a responsible dog owner and pick up after them.’

Gemma Little added: ‘We all have a right to enjoy the beach whether that be with our kids or dogs. A fence down the middle would be great; those with dogs could be on one side and those with none on the other.’