Mixed reaction to turbine plan

PLANS to erect a wind turbine on a farm two-and-a-half kilometres from Barmoor Castle have been recommend for approval.

The proposal for a 37metre turbine at Brackenside Farm, near Lowick, will be decided at Northumberland County Council’s north area planning committee next Thursday.

And the application has been met by objection and support from residents.

Lowick Parish Council raised concerns stating that it would have a negative visual impact, it could cause interference to television reception and would have an adverse impact on local businesses and the landscape setting of the area.

In total there were eight objections to the plans submitted. However there were also 19 letters of support for the application.

One of the concerns raised was the closeness to Barmoor Castle, however, in a report, which will be considered by the committee next week, a planning officer stated: “It is considered at this distance and due to the scale of this wind turbine, of a hub height of 37m and tip height of 47m, that there would be no adverse impact on the historic setting of the Listed Building.”

They added: “While the wind turbine will remain very visible within the immediate landscape, it will be viewed in the context of other structures and backdrop of the wider landscape. The inclusion of planning conditions to ensure the temporary nature of this development of 25 years in this instance, considered adequate to remove the possibility of a permanent visual impact.

Supporters stated that the plans would create positive renewable energy production for the farm and the wider area.