Mixed reaction to possible fast-food outlet in town

Cawledge, Alnwick
Cawledge, Alnwick

The news that McDonald’s is looking at opening a restaurant in Alnwick has not met with unanimous approval from local residents.

Following our report last week that the global fast-food giant is considering sites in the town, some welcomed the jobs it would create while another branded it a travesty.

A McDonald’s spokesman confirmed that the town is an area where the company would like to invest, but there are no firm plans yet.

Reacting to the news on the Gazette’s Facebook page, Kirsty Anderson was one of the most supportive, saying: “Alnwick needs bigger names to come in. May help other big names into the town! If the town want to grow we need to help and welcome the new. It’s all fair and good people wanting more residential areas but if we don’t have the jobs or service in Alnwick people won’t want to settle.”

But Lewis Kirkbride said: “Alnwick will quickly lose its unique appeal if too many big companies come in. On the other hand, the local traders aren’t open at convenient hours for working people and don’t offer everything we need. There needs to be the right balance and we’re not there yet, but I don’t see how fast food helps; invest in small business in town and larger scale provision around the edges instead.”

One user said that it would mean rubbish ‘scattered all over this beautiful area’, but another added that during the tourist season, there is already McDonald’s rubbish ‘scattered on the back roads’, thanks to holiday-makers on their way to the coast.