Mixed days turn out well after all

Northumberland Musician Derek Allan, one half of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

August 21

A day off from gigs. There is the usual work from home, but nothing too serious. I booked in more gigs for next year and filled in some gaps for Acoustic Magic and Sam Gibson.

It is a never-ending push, but like I always say the gigs are mostly worth doing.

The new album is going everywhere now, and this time more in Northumberland, which is where I come from so it is nice.

Selling albums all over the world on Amazon, iTunes and being heard on Spotify is brilliant, but there is something good about people where you live showing an interest and liking what you do.

I am looking forward to a few days of writing – a few poems, a new novel and some short stories. I am also getting back to writing about the walk with Ellie.

I need to get back walking after a week and feel the cold, magic, never-ending breeze of Northumberland.

August 22

This was an amazing day. There was the usual work from home for a few hours. Many gigs are in for next year and all is going well.

We set off to Blyth to register Rebecca with a running and sports club. She loves the fitness warm-ups, making friends and doing any event. She was so excited to be doing the long jump.

It feels good watching her being so happy, and hopefully she will always love taking part and being a part of athletics.

August 23

Melanie, Ellie and Rebecca went to a birthday party down at the little shore in Amble. All was happy and well until Rebecca stood on a snapped periwinkle shell on the tender part of her foot.

The nurse sent her home to let the shell work its own way out, with suggestions to soak it in water for a while. Poor Rebecca was stuck on the sofa for the rest of the day.

We were going to do some river fishing for small fish today, an annual adventure to catch and let fish go.

Rebecca did not know this so instead she was happy playing Rayman on the Xbox and reading.

We also got a few more hours to catch up on the Olympics.

She was happy and brave, and the broken shell did not seem to bother her.

August 24

This was a mixed day. Melanie dropped us off at Durham for a very sunny day of Championship Cricket.

I met a few people for a few happy words. Once again I met J Bound, Simon Denton and Richard – always nice reminders of a nice few years playing cricket in Alnmouth.

I had a great day with Ellie, moving seats every few hours and both reading between overs.

I am liking the book Where Am I, by Phil Tufnell. I also met a few people who like reading the diary in the Northumberland Gazette, and no matter where they are in the UK, they get a copy sent to them to keep up, which is nice to know.

So it was an amazing day shared with Ellie, and a few thousand people watching Durham.

Melanie had taken Rebecca to a second hospital today as the shell was still stuck. After much pulling and some x-rays it was discovered that it was an entire periwinkle shell, complete with snail, corkscrewed right into her foot.

They were sent to a third hospital, where they gave her laughing gas and cut it out.

She was fine when I saw her and had liked the adventure.

Melanie did not tell us the news whilst we were at the cricket so we knew nothing until we met at Chester-le-Street park.

Luckily, all of that is over now and everyone turned out ok – apart from the snail.