Minister vows to ‘deliver solution’ for A1 in Northumberland

Details were very thin on the ground, but Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander today vowed that the Government will deliver a solution to the A1 in Northumberland.

In the House of Commons this morning, Mr Alexander delivered his Investing in Britain’s future speech on the Government’s infrastructure plan, which included investment in road repairs as well as future projects.

He said: “This Government will invest over £28billion over the six years from 2014 in enhancements and maintenance of national and local roads.

“Firstly, we will take action to fix the backlog of maintenance, which has left road surfaces in communities up and down the country crumbling.

“We are committing £10 billion of investment in road repairs between 2015-16 and 2020-21.

“More than £4billion of that money will be spent on national road maintenance – enough to resurface over 21,000 miles of road; the equivalent of London to Beijing and back.

“The other £6billion of that money will be spent at a local level – allowing Local Authorities to fill the equivalent of 19 million potholes a year.”

The second promise was to ‘deliver all of the major projects in the Highways Agency Pipeline’, including the A19 between Newcastle and South Shields.

And the final promise was that ‘this money will pay for us to identify and deliver solutions for the most notorious problem spots across the country’.

“Any Honourable Member planning a future trip to Scotland – a Scotland as part of a strong United Kingdom – will want to see a better A1 north of Newcastle,” he said, later adding: “These are investments that we will make sure are delivered.”