Met Office issues weather warning

A weather warning has been issued by the Met Office.
A weather warning has been issued by the Met Office.

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for the North East of England over the weekend.

The yellow warning, which means be aware, is valid from 3pm tomorrow to 10pm on Sunday. It states that 'rain is expected to become heavy and persistent, especially over hills exposed to the strong west to southwesterly flow'. It adds: 'Be aware that, given already saturated conditions, flooding is possible either from standing water or from rivers which have remained high after the large rainfall totals over the last few days'.

The Chief Forecaster's assessment is: 'A strong, moist westerly flow is expected to develop during Saturday and last through most of Sunday before clearing during the evening. This flow is expected to bring a period of heavy and persistent rain, with 50-100mm of rain falling in many areas, particularly across hills; some upland areas are covered by a separate Amber (be prepared) warning. This additional rainfall, falling on to already saturated ground, is likely to lead to further flooding. There is some uncertainty in the exact locations of heaviest rainfall, as well as peak amounts; this will depend on how far north the frontal system moves and how long it remains aligned across any one area. For this reason, the warning will be kept under review over the weekend'.