Men win the battle of the taxes, says HMRC

Men, for the second year running, were more likely than women to complete their tax return on time, winning the battle of the taxes once again '“ but only just, according to HMRC figures.

Tuesday, 24th January 2017, 10:00 am

In 2014/15, 235 late tax returns for every 10,000 were submitted by women, but they were beaten by a tiny margin of just three, because for every 10,000 tax returns submitted by men, only 232 were late.

The figures come as people are being urged to complete their tax returns for 2015/16 by the end of the month.

Ruth Owen, HMRC director general of customer service, said: “It’s very encouraging to see that in every aspect of our analysis we saw huge reductions in the number of tax returns being sent in late last year.

“Our customers are obviously becoming more punctual, but we won’t be happy until we’re at zero.

“The deadline is now less than two weeks away, if you still need to complete a return our advice is don’t leave it until it’s too late.

“Our online service has lots of helpful advice and handy tips to help make submitting your tax return as easy and stress free as possible.”