MEAL REVIEW: The Maltings Kitchen, Berwick

Tickets to see a comedian saw us with a very rare night out without children, so we decided to make the most of it.

Monday, 27th March 2017, 10:21 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 9:28 pm
8oz ground rib of beef burger at the Maltings Kitchen

We were going to see Omid Djalili at Berwick’s Maltings theatre.

And with grandma arriving early enough, we had the chance to go for a meal by ourselves – with no kids squabbling and complaining – so we grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

Eyemouth haddock fishcakes at Maltings Kitchen

Having heard that the Maltings Kitchen had a good reputation, and it being inside the theatre, it seemed like the perfect place to go.

We arrived just after opening at 6pm, and were promptly shown to our table.

The venue is a café by day and a restaurant by night. With the lighting turned down a notch and music piped through, there was the perfect ambience for a nice meal.

And even as tables filled up, which happened pretty quickly, there was a good atmosphere.


We ordered a couple of drinks and Mr M was pleased that there was a selection of bottled beers on offer, which were even brought to the table for him to choose.

The menu at the Maltings Kitchen isn’t extensive, and I believe it is the same as during the day, however there are also a number of specials on offer each day, including a special pasta dish, soup and quiche of the day.

There weren’t any set starters on the menu, but we overheard another couple, who we think had been before, order the hummus and olives from the extras section and decided to go for the same, at £3.50 each.

No sooner had we ordered than they arrived.


The hummus was lovely and creamy and had been drizzled with pesto, served in a nice terracotta bowl, and there was a decent portion, while the giant green olives were just as nice, and plentiful.

They came with a basket of bread, which included pats of butter.

You can’t really go wrong with hummus and olives and they were just the ticket to whet our appetite for the rest of the meal.

It took me a while to decide on my main course as I wanted to try a few things.

Lemon and stem ginger cheesecake

But I decided to go for the 8oz ground rib of beef burger (£7) with cheese (£1.25 extra), salad and chips (£1.50 extra each).

I did find it a bit strange that you paid extra for the salad and chips, as they normally come with the meal, but it was what I fancied so I went with it.

Mr M opted for a large portion of the smoked Eyemouth haddock fishcakes with salad and a caper and chive mayonnaise (£10.50) and a side order of chips (£2.75).

The service was so good that the mains actually arrived as we were still dipping our bread in the hummus, but the waitress kindly took them back to the kitchen while we finished.

My burger was fantastic. There was a hefty burger inside a sesame-topped bun with tomato and cheese. The meat was well-seasoned and slightly pink in the centre – just perfect for my liking.

There was a trio of salads – coleslaw, beetroot and dressed leaves – and a decent portion of lovely crunchy chips.

Key lime pie

Opposite me, the fishcakes were also a great choice. Of course, I had to sample them, twice, for review purposes and they were absolutely delicious. Full of flavour, and a good ratio of fish to potato in a nice crispy crumb coating.

We were both very happy with our choices and while the meal could have ended there, I had spied the cake cabinet on the way in and couldn’t miss the opportunity.

There was a lot of choice, including two or three gluten-free options, but I went for the key lime pie with cream while Mr M had the lemon and stem ginger cheesecake.

The pie was beautiful, lovely and tart with a thick pastry base and sides and a meringue topping. It certainly hit the spot.

The cheesecake was served in a glass dish and had a decent layer of ginger biscuit, which was a bit soft, but was topped with a creamy lemon and ginger cheesecake topping.

After all that we were stuffed and we were delighted that three courses and four drinks only cost us £42.60.


The Maltings Kitchen is run independently by award-winning local chef David Foxton and has stunning views across the rooftops of Berwick – during daylight of course.

It is open from 9.30am to 4pm during the day, Monday to Saturday, and 5.45pm to 7.15pm, when last orders are called, from Thursday to Saturday. The café is usually open for Berwick Film Society screenings and other selected cinema broadcasts, 5.45pm to 7pm.

It uses local suppliers and provides fast, efficient service. It is also a perfect place for a pre-theatre or cinema show – but booking is recommended.



Crayfish, tomato, cucumber and bean shoot salad......£8 small/£11 large

Cullen skink......£6.95

Herbed Scotch egg with salads and fried potatoes......£9


Free range egg and tomato......£5

Tomato and mozzarella......£6

Rump steak, buttered onions and twice cooked chips......£9.50

Belly pork, apple chutney and a few fries......£8

Little People

Buttered pasta with fresh tomato sauce and cheese......£5

Mini fish and chips......£5


Creamy leek and cheese pasta......£8.50

Butternut squash, goat’s cheese and spinach lasagne......£10.95

STAR RATINGS (out of 10)

Quality of food......8



Vegetarian...... quite a few options


Use of local food......9

Service ......8

Overall rating......8

Verdict: Delicious food using local produce and great service

Contact: 01289 309333 or

The Maltings
Eyemouth haddock fishcakes at Maltings Kitchen
Lemon and stem ginger cheesecake
Key lime pie
The Maltings