Max makes the most of his Easter break

The latest instalment of our weekly series focusing on Alnwick-based dog rescue charity, SHAK.

Friday, 26th April 2019, 2:00 pm
Max settled well on his Easter break.

It is always great to see our dogs in a another environment, as often they are so different away from kennel life.

They often arrive with little or no history, so I am always intrigued to see how they cope in the outside world that our pets all take for granted. We don’t know what they’ve experienced or what they have called home.

Obviously, it is always lovely to see them move on into homes of their own, that is the ultimate goal, but sometimes we are also in a position to do a dummy run just to see how they do react.

One of the most enjoyable parts of being a member of the team is having the option to take a dog for a little break or trip. It gives us so much knowledge of the dog, but also gives us a great opportunity to see how we can make things easier for them to adapt in society, while showing just how far they have come.

The Easter weekend has provided one of our dogs with such an opportunity.

The relationship between Max and Rob is amazing, so it was a great idea of Rob’s to give Max an Easter break for a couple of days, including a sleepover.

Max came back with a glowing report. He settled really well and once he got used to being on his own downstairs, he slept all the way through. Rob described him as a ‘loving and gentle’ dog and I’m not sure who enjoyed the weekend the most!