Marketing funds for county tourism

THE tourist industry in north Northumberland has received a funding boost.

The Government announced the success of VisitEngland’s bid for additional funding from the Regional Growth Fund on Tuesday.

Northumberland Tourism is one of 15 partners and will directly benefit from this funding, which will be used to promote the county.

VisitEngland will coordinate a 3 year tourism project, Growing Tourism Locally. A key part of this project will be a national campaign aimed at inspiring Britons to take more short breaks and holidays at home and in doing so grow jobs in the tourism sector.

Northumberland Tourism will manage the elements of the campaign pertaining directly to the county, whilst VisitEngland will manage the national strategy which will support this local activity.

Northumberland Tourism will also match fund the grant with funds raised from the county’s tourism businesses.

Giles Ingram, chief executive of Northumberland Tourism, said: “This is extremely good news for tourism in Northumberland.

“The marketing activities that we will now be able to undertake will help Northumberland to attract additional visitors and support our tourism industry, which provides 11.8 per cent of jobs in the county and brings in over £660m in revenue a year.”

Lesley Williamson, from Alnwick Castle and the Alnwick Garden, said: “This funding will help Northumberland to attract new visitors and, as a result, help our tourism businesses to grow and provide more employment opportunities for local people.

“Northumberland is a beautiful and exciting place to visit and this marketing fund will enable Northumberland Tourism to get this message out to more people, encouraging them to book their holidays in the county.