Market Sinker: Expert Reveals 5 Bathroom Styles That Could Drain Your Home’s Value

The bathroom, a crucial space in any home, plays a vital role in determining its market value.
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Renowned bathroom specialist James Chapman, owner of Bella Bathrooms, emphasizes the significance of bathroom decor in the real estate arena. According to him, savvy homeowners keen on selling must be attuned to certain bathroom styles and features that could impact their property's appeal and worth. Chapman's expertise in identifying these key bathroom elements is an indispensable guide for those looking to enhance their home's marketability.

1. Lack of a Downstairs BathroomChapman underscores the necessity of a downstairs bathroom, not just for convenience but also for inclusivity, catering to a broader range of potential buyers. He points out that in multi-story homes, a downstairs bathroom significantly boosts functionality and accessibility, thereby enhancing the property's appeal and market value.

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2. Outdated Bathroom AppearanceRecognising that bathroom renovations can be costly, Chapman suggests cost-effective updates to rejuvenate an outdated bathroom. He emphasizes the importance of these small changes, noting that they can significantly increase a home's attractiveness to buyers. Regular maintenance, he adds, is key to preserving both the bathroom's aesthetics and functionality.


3. Bathroom Adjacent to the KitchenChapman explains that a bathroom next to the kitchen, while common in older architectural designs, may be off-putting in modern homes due to evolving lifestyle preferences and standards. He suggests that reconfiguring the layout, if feasible, or at least updating these spaces to create a more harmonious flow, can positively impact the home's value.

4. Absence of a Walk-In ShowerHighlighting the trend towards more streamlined and efficient bathroom designs, Chapman notes that the lack of a walk-in shower can be a significant drawback. He advocates for a balance between showers and bathtubs, suggesting that a well-designed bathroom should cater to both functionality and family needs, which can be achieved through smart design solutions even in limited spaces.

5. Dark Colour SchemesChapman stresses that while personal taste varies, when it comes to selling a home, neutral and light colour schemes in bathrooms generally appeal to a wider audience. He advises that choosing the right colour palette can not only make a bathroom feel more spacious and inviting but also plays a crucial role in showcasing the bathroom as a clean and well-maintained space.

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"A low cost bathroom can look fantastic if its good quality , and a designer suite can look atrocious if you are paying for the name rather than the quality of the materials .." James Chapman, Bella Bathrooms Director

In addition to these bathroom-specific tips, Chapman also points out the significance of the kitchen in influencing home sales. Like bathrooms, kitchens are a central part of the home where families gather, cook, eat, and sometimes work. Therefore, their design and functionality are just as crucial in determining a home's value.