Market Place parking plan suggested to end wrangle

A policeman inspects the cars parked in Alnwick Market Place.
A policeman inspects the cars parked in Alnwick Market Place.
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A solution has been put forward to end parking problems in Alnwick Market Place once and for all.

Some form of limited and controlled parking, with up to 17 bays, has been suggested as a way of combating unruly parking in the cobbled square.

The idea was unanimously backed by members of a working group, which was set up to try to reach a decision on the situation.

At Monday’s north area committion meeting, Coun Gordon Castle, who chaired the working group, said that a consensus was reached very quickly on the solution.

He reported that the group – made up of Coun Castle, Philip Angier of Alnwick Markets, Geoff Proudlock, Carlo Biagioni and Ken Moore of the Alnwick Chamber of Trade and Mayor of Alnwick Alan Symmonds – felt that pedestrianisation of the area was not possible because of the loading and unloading needs of traders.

“No solution is going to make everyone happy,” Coun Castle said. “There has to be a compromise. We felt that limited-stay, time-controlled parking in a limited number of places close to the Northumberland Hall would be best.

“We want to develop a scheme which does not use ugly yellow lines.

“The disadvantages are that there will be a high flow of vehicles in the Market Place.”

It will also be enforced by civilian parking officers.

A report is to be made by officers at the county council and taken back to the north area committee in July.