March of the turbines

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‘WHY aren’t turbines working?’ is asked of the three small Defra units in Alnwick in last week’s letters page.

The same question must certainly be pertinent of the 13 massive towers that have sprung up in recent months between Ashington and Lynemouth.

Having observed them quite frequently from my window for several weeks now and seen scarcely a twitch, apart from once when one was just turning at a pace that was almost too slow to accompany the funeral march, I begin to wonder what may be their purpose.

Apart from that is to profit the manufacturers and installers with the assistance of the surcharge which I understand is added to our electricity bills as a contribution towards the privilege of having them. Then what a surprise, out of a clear Blue Sky (delightful logo) we get the offer of another 13 to be erected beside Red Row and Hadston, along with a verbally gift-wrapped package of other supposed ‘benefits’ to entice the local populace. A ‘one off’ project we are told.

Who’s kidding who? Once the foot is in the door, as with any other sharp door-to-door salesman, how long before a succession of ‘great deals’ follow until the coastal plain right up to the boundaries of Amble and Warkworth is littered with a forest of these tin triffids?

Will Northumberland, at some time in the future, have added to its folklore lament, perhaps a parody of the old Cockney protest song mourning the loss of their view of Hackney marshes long ago, expressed thus:

It really was a very lovely vista,

With coastal views and of countryside so green,

Now up a ladder with binoculars,

You could’ve seen right down to Cesswell Scars,

If it wasn’t for the turbines in between!

I regret not being able to reproduce the cadence in print, but trust the tune is familiar enough to be appreciated.

Dave Makepeace,