Make Amble '˜cycle-friendly'

Amble needs to become cycle-friendly because it is currently '˜missing a trick', the town's recently-elected Mayor has claimed.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 5:00 am
Queen Street, Amble

Coun Jane Dargue spoke of her desire to turn The Friendliest Port into a more welcoming destination for riders, as well as walkers.

Speaking at last week’s meeting about her vision, she said: “I want to think about a cycle-friendly Amble. We get so caught up on parking and traffic-flow problems in the town. Yes, they are hugely important and we take them very seriously, but sometimes I think we miss a trick.

“We live in an area of natural beauty and right next to the coastal path and I think we could do more as a town to encourage cyclists and walkers – with things like cycle-friendly cafés and advertising the cycle and walking routes.

“How often do you see cyclists going straight to Warkworth without stopping in Amble; we need to get them to stop in the town.

“Amble Business Club chairman Ann Burke is very keen for this and she will take it to the club’s next meeting and will ask businesses what they can do to put some ideas forward and promote a cycle-friendly Amble.

“I will speak to the county council and see if they can look at signage and link up with Sustrans, while Coun Kate Morrison will formulate a questionnaire to put to relevant organisations.

“At the moment it is information gathering and asking people for ideas.”

Town council news in brief:

The ceremony for the Amble Garden and Community Awards will take place on Tuesday, July 12, in the Conference Room at Fourways 2.

Town councillors will be looking at gardens in their wards from this Saturday until the end of June.

A shortlist of 30 will be drawn up for each ward, with the best 15 being selected for judging next month. There is also a Super Gardener award, for those who have won three times in the last five years.

○ Coun Robert Arckless has written to Warkworth Harbour Commissioners about the Little Shore dog ban and is waiting for a reply. He has raised people’s concerns about lack of consultation. He said he has spoken to objectors, but also those who are in favour of the restriction.

○ Coun Katrina Cassidy has resigned from the town council due to work commitments. A letter of thanks will be sent.