Make a Mother’s day

Belford MU lenten lunch.
Belford MU lenten lunch.

Thanks to the Co-op in Belford for donating the cheese for the Lenten Lunch, Belford Mothers’ Union raised £95 for a very special Mothers’ Union project.

Make a Mother’s Day is geared to helping mothers,and fathers, throughout the world and the specific element Belford Mothers’ Union is supporting is family values.

Branch leader,Sue Smith, said: “£19 provides support to one of 14,000 parents in 18 countries this year. Parenting facilitators work with parents to provide advice and support on some of the most difficult issues parents face. Our groups enable taboo subjects to be discussed in a safe environment as parents work together to understand and solve any issues.

“The Co-op’s generosity and that of members and friends alike enables our Branch to fund help for five families and we’re truly grateful.”

Nearly 40 people attended the Lenten Lunch which followed the Ash Wednesday service for Belford St Mary’s Middle School pupils and friends, marking the beginning of Lent.

School Ambassadors made two presentations in the course of the service and later joined in the Lenten Lunch.