Maisie looking for love


Another lurcher which regular readers of the Jam Jar Army column may recognise from arriving at SHAK in a horrific state is Maisie.

Steve Wylie, from the charity, said: “As you can see, she looks wonderful now and is such a sweetheart. We are looking for a home for Maisie where she is the only dog as other dogs just terrify her too much.

“Also it would be better if there were no other pets in the home, as we believe she is from a working background and this could be a problem.

“Given love, attention and security, she will make someone a beautiful, loving friend. For more information, contact”

Steve is also delighted to add that there are now two further places where donated dog food can be dropped off.

“Thank you and welcome on board to the Co-op in Amble and the Pride Of Northumbria Shop, on Queen Street, also in Amble,” he said.

“Thanks to your generosity, the immediate food crisis is over, but we still need to keep it coming to maintain the stock level we have now and with Christmas coming.”

If you can spare a few tins or a bag of food, you can take them to: Pets At Home, Cramlington; Taylor’s Newsagents, Alnwick; Moorview Vets, Backworth; Sainsbury’s, Alnwick; Co-op, Amble; Pride Of Northumbria, Amble.

Last, but by no means least, SHAK will have a stall at the Christmas market in Alnwick this weekend.

“Feel free to drop your jam jars off or have a flutter on our tombola,” added Steve.

We are also reminding all collectors to return jam jars as soon as possible.