Maggots discovered in packet of beef mince from Aldi

The maggots found in the mince from Aldi.
The maggots found in the mince from Aldi.

A woman found two maggots in a packet of beef mince from Aldi in Alnwick while she was preparing food for her young daughter.

Stephanie Cornick bought the meat the Sunday before last (February 12) from the South Road store so that she could make spaghetti bolognese for her daughter, who is nearly two.

While cooking off the mince, Stephanie was cutting it up into smaller pieces as it was for a one-year-old and ‘to my horror, I find two maggots’.

Upon contacting Aldi, she was given a £10 voucher and told that it was an isolated incident with the maggots potentially getting into the meat during the packaging stage.

Stephanie said she was ‘absolutely horrified’ as she shops at the Alnwick store every week and her freezer is full of Aldi’s meat.

“Also the fact my poor little girl could have eaten them appals me,” she added.

An Aldi spokesman said: “We have not received any similar complaints regarding this product. We have apologised to Ms Cornick and offered a full refund.

“Having looked into this with our supplier, we are confident that this did not occur during the production process.”

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman confirmed that Stephanie contacted the local authority about the issue.

“However, as she had thrown away the item mentioned, and we therefore have no chain of evidence, there is no further action that we can take,” she said.

Aldi opened its Alnwick store in September, 2015.

In the same year, the retail giant won the Which? Best Supermarket title for a record fourth time.

This year, Aldi overtook the Co-op to become the UK’s fifth largest supermarket chain.