Lucky escape for car crash youngsters

A TEENAGER and his four passengers had a ‘lucky’ escape after the car they were in left the road, overturned and caught fire.

None of the youths were seriously injured in the incident, when the 17-year-old Alnwick driver crashed his Vauxhall Corsa at the Heckley High House junction on the B6341, smashing through two fences and rolling it onto its roof.

The youngsters managed to escape from the wreckage before the car caught fire.

Amazingly, they only suffered cuts and bruises in the crash, which occurred at around 2.30pm on Wednesday, April 20, and police said that all five were taken to Alnwick Infirmary before being released.

But Alnwick Neighbourhood Police Inspector Sue Peart has used the incident to hammer home just how dangerous life behind the wheel can be for young and new drivers.

And she has called on those between the ages of 17 and 24 to sign up to the No Need To Speed initiative, launched in the Gazette last year and backed by the likes of Alan Shearer.

As part of the crusade, young drivers take a road-safety pledge, making a commitment to drive safely, keep to speed limits, respect other road users and not use mobile phones while driving.

Insp Peart said: “It sounds to me that these youths have been incredibly lucky and, as we all know, others haven’t been so lucky. It demonstrates the fact that the campaign we are running to educate young and new drivers will not come to an end because every day another young person passes their test and needs to understand the dangers.

“There is a new audience all of the time, which is why the fire service, the community safety partnership and ourselves are committed to continuing this campaign.”

To sign up to the campaign, visit