Lowick Gardening Club

Members of Lowick Gardening Club were grateful for a dry evening recently for their garden ‘safari’.

We visited the gardens of several members, which gave the opportunity to appreciate their efforts to make their gardens beautiful and productive, share ideas and advice, as well as enjoy the refreshments provided at the beginning and end of the tour.

The next meeting, on Tuesday, September 2, at 7pm in Lowick Village Hall, will include a gardening-related quiz (with prizes) and a short talk by Paul Langdale entitled Gardening in Genes that he hopes will stimulate some lively discussion.

This will be followed by our Thorny Corner when members can share any gardening problems and hopefully receive some helpful advice.

At our last committee meeting, Kevin Woodcock talked to us about the Lowick Leek Club Annual Show on Sunday, September 14, to be held at the White Swan, from 1pm, when there will be the opportunity to have fun and show off culinary and horticultural skills in an informal atmosphere.

Looking ahead, our plans for the meeting on October 7 include a wine-tasting session.

These will not be the usual Chardonnay and Cabernet, but wines derived from plants associated with British gardens and hedgerows, which should make for an interesting evening.