Lowick Gardening Club

Members and guests of Lowick Gardening Club took advantage of a fine evening at their last meeting to spend some of the time outside.

Before we ventured out though, vice-chairman Paul Langdale described the setting-up of a club website.

Members were asked for suggestions about what they want to have on it such as photos of members’ gardens, particularly anything with a story attached, jobs to be done, how to encourage wildlife and links to other organisations in the village such as the Wildlife Group and the Leek Club.

Paul then suggested how the polytunnel, set up by Lowick in Bloom, could be used by members, and Harvest Harris-Jones described the setting-up of the North Northumberland Wildlife Watch Group.

This naturally led to us going out to see the polytunnel, the raised beds adjacent to it and the area of land that has been set aside for the Wildlife Group.

Harvest shared her ideas and hopes about how the area may be used and that it may become a place where people in the community can enjoy sitting. By this time we were ready to warm up with mugs of tea or coffee and judging by the buzz of conversation, the meeting had generated much to discuss.

The next meeting on Tuesday, June 3, will include a plant and book sale to raise funds for the club, so please bring along any surplus plants and gardening books or magazines.

Contact Ruth Wadey (01289 388889) or Eileen Langdale (01289 388842) for more information about the club.