Lowick Gardening Club

Lowick Gardening Club has germinated successfully. With members joined and a constitution agreed, we are now officially a club.

Part of the first meeting was taken up with business, setting out how the club will operate.

A particular point of interest was the map of the village showing the planting set up by Lowick in Bloom and who is now looking after which areas.

Kevin Woodcock explained some of the activities of the leek club, in which members of the gardening club are welcome to participate. In particular he is keen to see younger members of the village involved in gardening.

After coffee, several gardening questions were asked, and hopefully the answers were helpful.

The committee hopes to have membership cards distributed so our new members can enjoy the discount offered by Northumberland Nurseries, near Wooler.

Anyone wanting to see what we’re about is welcome to come along to the next meeting on Tuesday, at 7.15pm at Lowick Village Hall. The £2 guest fee will be refunded if you then decide to join.

If the weather is fine, we hope to look round the polytunnel area (behind the village hall), and discuss how to make best use of this facility, particularly for those members who don’t have their own greenhouse.

The club’s first outing will be to Howick Hall on June 7. Again guests will be welcome.

Contact Ruth Wadey (01289 388889) or Eileen Langdale (01289 388842) for more information about the club’s activities.