Low-cost living scheme comes to Alnwick

Lindisfarne Annexe
Lindisfarne Annexe

People could soon be living in a currently-unused building within the grounds of a former Alnwick school, by taking advantage of a low-cost residential scheme.

Ad Hoc Property Management has teamed up with Northumberland County Council to implement the property-guardians initiative at the Lindisfarne Annexe, on the ex-Lindisfarne Middle School site.

The venue, which used to house the Northumberland Adult Learning Centre, is set to become home to 15 guardians, who will pay £200 per calendar month, with bills included.

Ad Hoc says that the scheme will help to protect the currently-empty building by bringing it back into use and tackle the problem of housing shortages and high rents.

The initiative is due to start in November and potential occupants are urged to apply.

A spokesman for Ad Hoc, which recently unveiled a quality pledge known as the Guardian Charter, said: “Our property occupation model is a low-cost living arrangement where occupants pay a monthly occupation fee to live in a vacant property.

“Our guardians are all vetted, credit-checked and referenced and must be in full-time employment. They come from all walks of life – throughout the North East we have solicitors, doctors, contractors and chefs living alongside service industry workers, call-centre operators and university academics.

“Our guardians are not tied to a fixed-term contract of any length and this flexibility appeals to a very wide range of people and professions. One of the main benefits for guardians is the opportunity to live somewhere they would never have expected and alongside people they otherwise wouldn’t have met.”

Alnwick town and county councillor Gordon Castle has welcomed the scheme. He said: “I believe this is fine. The county council has tried this in other parts of Northumberland and I understand that it has worked fine.”

A statement on the county-council’s website says that this will be on a temporary basis until the future use of the buildings are established and will supplement existing onsite security measures following the closure of the school in the summer.

Anyone interested in the scheme should call 0191 338 6699 or 0333 015661 or visit www.adhocproperty.co.uk