Loveable rogue who is a SHAK favourite

The latest instalment of our weekly series dedicated to the Alnwick-based dog sanctuary, SHAK.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 23rd November 2018, 1:00 pm
Loveable rogue Bully is a SHAK favourite.
Loveable rogue Bully is a SHAK favourite.

Remember old-timer Bully? The little Staffie first featured in this column back in May, when SHAK founder Stephen Wylie described him as a loveable rogue.

When he first arrived at the kennels, he caused chaos whenever he could and certainly lived up to his name.

His love of taking cuddly toys on walks and then finding a place to hide them by digging a hole with his nose kept everyone entertained.

At the time, SHAK wasn’t looking for a home for Bully, just sharing his story.

But now, Bully’s got a few more grey hairs and Stephen thinks it’s time he found a permanent place outside the kennels.

He said: “Bully has been with us a long time now and, despite being a bit of a villain when he arrived, he has always been everyone’s favourite.

“However, time catches up with us all and Bully is no exception.

“So for Christmas this year, we are looking to find him a home with someone who has experience and understands how difficult the transition from kennel life to the outside world can be.

“To make this transition easier for Bully, we insist on an environment with no other dogs, animals or children.”

For an application form, email [email protected]SHAK is not a rehoming centre, offering sanctuary and respite to abused, mistreated and neglected dogs. It takes in only the most extreme cases from the council and destruction cases from vets.

But, after a lot of hard work, some dogs are ready to go on the Forever Foster scheme, where the right home can continue the dog’s development with the emphasis on providing a stable environment, appropriate diet, socialisation and good physical exercise.