Lorry use at Detchant site still a sore point

The road into Detchant which is used by HGVs.
The road into Detchant which is used by HGVs.

The argument over goods lorries using the road through Detchant to access the Bedmax site continues to rumble on.

A presentation was made to Belford Parish Council at its April meeting by Detchant resident Malcolm Stanton.

He described the measures being taken to gauge the impact of heavy goods vehicles on the hamlet.

He was keen to draw attention to one incident in particular ahead of an NCC site visit.

A still photograph had caught the moment when two lorries were both attempting to use the road, which is not wide enough to allow them to pass each other. A large sheetsided articulated lorry was returning to the A1,while a timber lorry was headed to the Bedmax site.

“This massive lorry could not even pull up onto the verge, because to do so would risk tipping over completely,” said Mr Stanton. “What the driver did, in this instance, was to reverse for 100, if not 200 metres.”

Eventually the lorry parked up on the wrong side of the road.

“Effectively what this means now is that in Detchant, people drive on the wrong side of the road,” said Mr Stanton. “To make things worse, the road is part of the Coasts and Castles Cycle Route, and a cyclist can be seen in the photo waiting for these lorries to move.”