LOOS: Letting the county down

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North Northumberland is proud to welcome several million tourists per year. However, it is not proud enough to provide adequate public toilets.

Rothbury Parish Council intends to demolish the toilets next to the main car park where most tourists start and finish their visit, and probably want to use a toilet.

Newton Parish Council intends a long overdue improvement to its toilets, but only when it has finished cutting the grass. These toilets are disgusting.

In my experience, many of Northumberland’s public toilets are a disgrace, and that’s assuming they are open.

I visited Warkworth beach last New Year and the car park was overflowing, but the toilets were closed until Easter.

Rothbury Parish Council intends to pay local businesses to allow the public to use their toilets.

Well, I hope this is properly advertised and with adequate signs – unlike the scheme in Alnwick.

On the other hand, the toilets at Morpeth’s Terrace car park are inspirational – spotlessly clean and with an attendant.

Rothbury Bridge Street toilets are also good.

All our toilets should be like these, there is no excuse.

Surely, it should be a priority to provide adequate toilets, especially in a tourist area.

Are we not the fifth richest country in the world?

Jill Spotwood,

Hillside East,