Looking Back at The Aberllolwyn Arms

The Aberllolwyn Arms in Milburn Place, North Shields, is seen from Dock Road, looking towards Middle Street.
Aberllolwyn Arms North Shields.Aberllolwyn Arms North Shields.
Aberllolwyn Arms North Shields.

This pub, at 27 South Street, otherwise known as Front Street, is first mentioned in local trades directories in 1855 when it was managed by Anthony Strong.

A number of publicans appeared over the years, but people might remember from the late 1920s and into the mid 1930s, when most of Milburn Place was demolished, Christopher Valentine Tait as manager.

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The frontage is not original. It might date from a refurbishment in the mid 1890s, and was certainly in place by 1913. Above the door is a sign advertising a lodging house for working men, seamen and travellers, but the proprietor’s name is indistinct.

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