Looking Back at Belvedere House

Belvedere House, in the centre of the photograph, is now taken over by shops and offices. The building seen here was probably built about 1800.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27th July 2018, 12:56 pm
Acc 9509 Belvedere House, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay
Acc 9509 Belvedere House, Whitley Road, Whitley Bay

It is referred to in an advert of March 22, 1806, as a new erected capital dwelling house, with large garden, vinery and peach house.

About that time it was owned by Peregrine Henzell, a descendant of Huguenot refugees who came to Tyneside to set up a glass industry. Mr Henzell left it to his daughter Mary in 1824, and she continued in residence until the early 1850s.

William Boutland Wilkinson had the house from the 1870s. He died in 1902 when it became a doctor’s surgery.

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On the left of the picture is Whitley House and the right shows the Coliseum Cinema.

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