Longhoughton Parish Council round-up: Toilets, roads to quarry and sheltered housing

Public toilets in Boulmer
Public toilets in Boulmer

Parish councillors have criticised the state of the former Johnnie Johnson sheltered housing unit in Longhoughton.

Members said that ‘it is an eyesore, which is sitting there boarded up and there is rubbish collecting up’. They asked Longhoughton county councillor Kate Cairns if she could find out what is going on with the plot.

•Parish councillors have reiterated their concerns about the state of the roads surrounding Longhoughton Quarry, after Northumberland Estates has submitted a formal proposal to extend works at the site.

Coun chairman Bryan Ellis said: “Nobody is saying ‘don’t do this’, but we are all saying that the roads aren’t fit for purpose.”

Members agreed that the state of the roads around the Longhoughton site, as well as the separate Howick quarry at Littlehoughton, was a concern. Coun Ellis said: “Station Road up to Ratcheugh is in a terrible state.” Coun Billy Bell said there is a lot of damage on the road coming down from Littlehoughton and the ‘verges are breaking away’.

• The parish council has budgeted £2,000 for 2016/17 to keep the toilets at Boulmer open during the winter. Parish council chairman Bryan Ellis said: “They are used during the winter. You have a lot of people walking up and down the coastline.”

• A scheme to prevent coastal erosion at Boulmer has been approved. The county council is behind the proposal, comprising rock-toe protection and earthworks.

• Two people have been co-opted onto the parish council. Adrian Hinchcliffe has taken up the seat on the council’s Boulmer ward, while John Haughie has been co-opted for the Howick ward.

• The next parish council meeting takes place at Boulmer Village Hall on Monday, April 18, from 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome.