Longhoughton Parish Council round-up

The car park in Boulmer.
The car park in Boulmer.

A request has been made to operate a coffee cart from Boulmer car park.

Hazel Kennedy is behind the idea, for a seasonal (Easter to October) operation, offering tea/coffee, pre-packed food and cold drinks.

It would be run off gas bottles and would not take up a car-park space.

Hazel has spoken with members of the Boulmer Village Hall committee, which is happy with the idea and has said that it didn’t compete with the venue’s monthly Sunday coffee mornings.

It was agreed that the parish council would check the lease with Northumberland Estates. Councillors also said that an article to invite opinion on the venture should appear in the next Boulmer Newsletter to consult residents.

It was noted that approximately 40 years ago, a similar facility operated next to the Lifeboat Station, so the car park was not the only possible location.

There was a concern that a possible litter problem might need to be addressed.

The meeting heard that campervans trying to park overnight at the car park is still an issue, but it was noted that word is getting around that it is not allowed.

• Northumberland County Council is investigating concerns about the removal of a stone wall, as part of Story Homes’ Chancel Place housing development in Longhoughton. The county council says that a plan it has seen does not show the reinstatement of the wall. The authority has queried this with Story Homes and is in discussions with the company.

• Two knives were found in the long grass that had just been cut at the playing fields in Longhoughton. This was reported to police, who advised that the items be disposed of safely, ‘as neither had any blood on or looked as if they had been used in misadventure’.

• Coun Adrian Hinchcliffe updated on the proposal for a multi-use games area (MUGA) at Longhoughton’s Westfield Park. One of the challenges is obtaining a quote for a feasibility study from a civil engineer and architect. The parish council said it would make a decision on funding the study once a quote had been obtained. The study will include a new alternative location for the MUGA, on the playing field near the school.

• Margaret Robinson has been co-opted onto the parish council, taking a seat on the Boulmer ward. But, due to work commitments, Ruth Cook has stepped down, meaning there is another vacancy at Boulmer.

• The parish council agreed to purchase a defibrillator for Boulmer, via The Stephen Carey Fund.

• The new 20mph speed limit through the centre of Longhoughton should be in place by the end of the year.