Longhoughton Parish Council round-up

Lena Tait with Longhoughton Parish Council chairman Bryan Ellis.
Lena Tait with Longhoughton Parish Council chairman Bryan Ellis.

Concerned residents have signed a petition regarding the upkeep of the recreational area to the rear of Lacey Street.

The locals want better servicing of the football goals, more frequent grass cuts and access reinstated from the playing field to and from the Eastfield/Eastmoor development.

The parish council said it was happy to ensure the goal posts’ safety for children’s continued use for a kick-about.

After the meeting, Coun Eleanor Phillips said that she had arranged a meeting with residents and county councillor Wendy Pattison at the start of June to discuss the access issues.

• Coun Billy Bell gave an update on the former Johnnie Johnson Housing site. He said: “I’ve spoken to the affordable-housing officer at the council. The site is cleared and grassed over, which the county will maintain. Not all of the site has been acquired from Johnnie Johnson and the officer said that there is no immediate plans to develop or market the site.”

• RAF Boulmer has made a number of its vacant houses available for private rent. Base representative Simon Buist said: “Over the next year or two, up to 35 homes could become available. Hopefully, we will see a number of empty houses filled with families.”

• A proposal for a 20mph speed limit in the centre of Longhoughton has proved popular with residents, but an idea to introduce cycle lanes has not. The scheme was the brainchild of former county councillor Kate Cairns. Consultation responses show that 69 per cent were in favour of the 20mph zone, but 59 per cent objected to the cycle lanes.

• Long-standing councillor Lena Tait has retired from the parish council after 33 years. Jamie Wanless and Suzanne Hodgson also stepped down. There is a vacancy in the Longhoughton and Howick wards. Anyone interested should email parishclerk@hotmail.com