Longhoughton Parish Council round-up

An artist's impression of what the scheme would look like in Longhoughton.
An artist's impression of what the scheme would look like in Longhoughton.

A consultation period for traffic-calming proposals in Longhoughton has closed and the findings are being examined by county-council officers.

Once this is complete, Coun Kate Cairns will meet officers to decide the next steps. The package of measures includes a 20mph speed limit through the village centre. Proposals also include advisory cycle lanes.

• Following underground cabling works by Northern Powergrid in Howick, residents had raised a long list of snagging issues. However, Coun Kate Cairns said that the company has subsequently completed all of these ‘to the satisfaction of residents’. Northern Powergrid has also issued £500 to the village as compensation.

• A call has been made for the former Johnnie Johnson Housing plot to be kept neat and tidy. The county council has been negotiating to acquire the whole site from Johnnie Johnson and this is ongoing due to complications. Depending on the outcome, the site will be developed for residential or affordable housing. In the meantime the area has been tidied up.

• A plan to build a multi-use games area at Westfield Park has received positive feedback. Coun Adrian Hinchcliffe said that, as part of a consultation period, the vast majority of respondants are in favour, with the preferred site next to the former Johnnie Johnson Housing plot.

• The parish council has launched its website at northumberlandparishes.uk/longhoughton/news