Longhoughton and Boulmer WI, January meeting

Sugar Sands beach near Longhoughton. Ref: JCNG sugar1
Sugar Sands beach near Longhoughton. Ref: JCNG sugar1

Impromptu jollity

Longhoughton and Boulmer WI have moved from Westfield Park in Longhoughton to the newly refurbished Boulmer Memorial Hall.

Our first meeting in the hall on Tuesday, January 4, was a success.

Despite our speaker being unable to attend due to flooding and appalling weather, we had a good turnout of members, plus some guests from Boulmer village.

An impromptu quiz was quickly arranged and a lot of jollity was had. A supper of baked jacket potatoes, beans and cheese was served, along with seasonal desserts.

Feedback was that the meeting was fun, happy and a welcome break from the doom and gloom of the bad weather.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 2, in Boulmer Memorial Hall, at 7.30pm. Our guest speaker is from the Anti Terrorism Squad. We would welcome any new guest wishing to give the WI a try.