Long locks chopped to help kids

Kade Hilton haircut
Kade Hilton haircut

It was a case of hair today, gone tomorrow for three fund-raisers who have had their long locks lopped for a children’s charity.

The trio will be donating their cut hair to the Little Princess Trust, which provides real-hair wigs to youngsters across the UK and Ireland that have lost their own through cancer treatment.

Kade Hilton haircut

Kade Hilton haircut

Seahouses schoolgirl Sophie Storey, nine, had about 30cm of her hair cut at Morpeth salon Saks. As well as donating her hair, she has raised more than £200 for the cause.

She said: “I was a bit nervous at first, but I thought about all the poor children who have lost their hair and needed my help. I wanted to make sure that the Little Princess Trust would be able to have more money to make wigs and have hair to make them with.”

Alnwick’s Kade Hilton, 15, has undergone a dramatic transformation for the charity. Kade, who had longer-than-shoulder-length hair, had his head shaved on Friday in front of an audience at the town’s Alnwick Arms pub.

Family friend Tina Camilleri did the cut.

Jodie Taylor

Jodie Taylor

Kade’s efforts have raised more than £420 for Help for Heroes.

Military service is a tradition in Kade’s family, so the charity is close to his heart. To sponsor him, visit http://goo.gl/cly3jT

The pub has pledged a donation to Help for Heroes alongside money it recently raised for the charity.

Amble’s Jodie Taylor, 25, had 21 inches of her hair cut at the town’s House of Usher for the Little Princess Trust.

Jodie Taylor  with Amanda Hume frome House of Usher.

Jodie Taylor with Amanda Hume frome House of Usher.

She also raised £817 for the Bubble Foundation, which works to save the lives of children born without an immune system. To sponsor her, visit www.justgiving.com/Jodie-Taylor88