Little hiker Suzanne is going up in the world

Suzanne Gilhome
Suzanne Gilhome

A FIVE-YEAR-OLD girl proved she can certainly walk the walk after climbing the highest mountains in Wales, England and Scotland.

Suzanne Gilhome, who is now six, from Belford, climbed to the summits of the three peaks – Snowdon, Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis – this year.

Suzanne during her ascent of Ben Nevis.

Suzanne during her ascent of Ben Nevis.

The Belford First School pupil, along with dad Ali, mum Lynne and brother James, eight, climbed Snowdon in April during the Easter holidays, followed by Scafell Pike in June before finally tackling the tallest, Ben Nevis, at the end of August, four days before her sixth birthday.

The Gilhomes were joined for the ascent of both Scafell Pike and Ben Nevis by the Miller family and their three children, including seven-year-old Oliver.

Proud dad Ali said: “We went to Wales on holiday and went to Snowdon to have a look.

“We do a lot of walking and it was a lovely day so we decided to see how far we could get. We got to the top.

Suzanne during her ascent of Snowdon.

Suzanne during her ascent of Snowdon.

“It was always our intention to do Scafell Pike with another family in June, the Millers, and once we had done the other two we thought we would crack Ben Nevis as well.

“She said Snowdon was her favourite because there was a cafe on the top.”

Despite her tender years, Suzanne is already quite an experienced walker, even before her three peaks expeditions.

Ali said she enjoys walking and went on her first Wainwright Walk in the Lake District when she was two years old.

“We have done quite a few smaller hills in the Lake District and quite a few of the Wainwright Walks.

“In fact she almost ran up Scafell to be honest. Ben Nevis is another thing altogether, it took us around eight hours to get up.

“But we were blessed with really good weather on all three walks which makes a huge difference.”

Ali added that they may tackle the Fairfield Horseshoe next, a 16km walk in the Lake District with 1,100m of ascent that takes in eight separate peaks.