LITTER: Take some responsibility

Whose responsibility is it to clear up the litter at the sides of the A1 around Alnwick?

Tourism is the largest industry of the area so we greet our guests and visitors with piles of rubbish as they enter the town or pass by on their way to their holiday destination.

It is such a shame to see the spring flowers, presumably specially planted, struggling to peep through a sea of rubbish.

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I have tried in the past to contact both Highways England and Northumberland County Council to ask them to clean up the mess, but to no avail. Each one says it is the other’s responsibility.

That was over two years ago and nothing has been done.

So will somebody please take responsibility and do something.

Placing and emptying litter bins in the lay-bys would be a good start.

Let’s be proud of where we live and welcome our visitors with flowers, not squalor.

Jan Brunt,