Litter sweeps questioned

The frequency of mechanical sweeping in Amble has been brought into question, amid concerns over the town’s tidiness.

Coun Helen Lewis said: “The gutters and the paths are in very poor condition. We used to have the area regularly swept and it would be nice to know how often we get the mechanical sweeper and where it covers.”

A Northumberland County Council spokeswoman said that mechanical sweeping takes place a minimum of four times a year in the town, taking in a number of different areas.

Area one takes in Harbour Road, Ladbroke Street, Bay View, Gordon Street, Sea View, Panhaven Road, Marine Road, Ivy Street,

Links Road to the caravan park, Links Avenue, Burton Road, Davis Drive, Kennedy Road, Leslie Drive, Anderson Crescent, Holywell Crescent, Melrose Gardens and St Cuthbert’s Avenue.

Area two includes the Radcliffe Estate, Percy Drive, Anne Crescent, Phillip Drive, Percy Street roundabout, Percy Drive,

Straffen Court, Burnside, Brinkburn, Fontburn, Hauxley Way, Newmoor Close, Southmead and Coquet Enterprise Park.

Area three takes in Mariners View, Riverside Park, The Braid access road, the Wynd, West Avenue, West Crescent, Scott Street,

Alison Street, Woodbine Street, Central Avenue, South Avenue, Albert Street to South Roundabout, Gibson Street, High Street, Eastgarth, Bede Street, Byron Street, Middleton Street, King Edward Street, Wellwood Street, Edwin Street, Aidan Road, Lindisfarne Road, Acklington Road to High School and all estates leading off.

The spokeswoman added that a number of areas are litterpicked daily.

These are High Street, Queen Street, Coquet Street, Leases Street, Newburgh Street, Percy Street, Bridge Street, Church Street, Dilston Terrace, Bede Street, Albert Street from the junction of Bede Street to High Street, Cross Street and North Street area (twice weekly).

○ Eleven people took part in a community tidy-up last week.

Areas covered included the old railway line, North Street towards the Braid and the roadside near Brambles on Coquet Industrial Estate. Twenty bags of litter were collected in an hour.