Litter louts leave bus station in sorry state

Rubbish at Alnwick bus station
Rubbish at Alnwick bus station

A sea of rubbish strewn all over the floor – this was the sorry state of Alnwick bus station after litter louts left a trail of mess in their wake.

The picture was taken by a shocked passer-by – who wishes to remain anonymous – last Tuesday at about 9.45pm.

Ironically, there is a bin just feet away from where the debris has been dropped.

The passer-by said: “I was just walking past and it was the worst I had ever seen it.”

He posted the picture on Facebook and the image prompted a string of critical comments from a number of social-media users, with words such as shocking, horrible, awful and disgraceful being used to describe the mess.

The station is owned by Morrisons and operated by Arriva. Alnwick town and county councillor Gordon Castle admitted something needs to be done. He said: “I quite agree that the bus station lets the town down. It tends to be a gathering place for unsupervised youngsters whose behaviour leaves a lot to be desired.”

Fellow Alnwick county councillor Heather Cairns added that a purge against dropping litter is needed.

Nick Knox, of Arriva North East, said: “We employ a cleaning contractor to clean this bus station on a daily basis. It is disappointing that some people do not use the bins provided and we would encourage all people to do so.”

A Morrisons spokeswoman said the company did not feel it could make a comment in this instance.

In 2010, the Gazette ran a campaign, entitled Fix It, which called for an upgrade of the terminus. Some cosmetic work was subsequently carried out.