Listening to users helps in more ways then one

Parking has become a hot topic in recent weeks and is hitting the headlines again after concerns were raised about the regime in place at Wansbeck General Hospital.

A number of people were hit by hefty fines because of the ParkingEye scheme.

But thankfully Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust listened to its patients and their families and has terminated its contract with the company and is putting a new operation in place by the end of this month. Hopefully, the latest system will address the issues that have been raised.

It is well known that hospitals never run on time. No one knows how long they will be at an appointment and, if you have an emergency, the last thing you think about is paying for parking.

We now have free parking in many north Northumberland towns and villages, and that is also down to the county council listening to its electorate.

The fact it has coincided with the start of the school holidays means that towns and villages have been heaving – long may it continue.