Link-road agreement praise

Coun Jeff Watson
Coun Jeff Watson

At the latest meeting of Amble Town Council, Coun Jeff Watson expressed his delight that a link road has been secured for Amble, as part of new housing plans.

Last week, the Gazette reported that Cheviot Holdings and Hindmarsh Homes had agreed to provide a relief road across their two sites, from the A1068 to Acklington Road.

However, the caveat is that money to pay for the stretch will come out of section 106 contributions.

Coun Watson said: “A tremendous amount of work has gone in to get this link road through. Providing a link road is not a requirement and it has taken a lot of coordination and a lot of goodwill from the developers.

“I am very pleased, although there is still some work to do, as the preferred options need to be discussed.”

As part of the section 106 agreements, money has been set aside for affordable housing.

But Coun Watson said that if this is not needed, then he would like to see the cash diverted into another pot to be used to improve the town’s infrastructure.

He said: “We have got quite a lot of money for affordable housing, but if we need to add things to the link road, we could take it from affordable housing.”

Coun Helen Lewis agreed, adding: “We are aware that money has been allocated for affordable housing, but if it is not required for affordable housing in Amble, we would rather it be diverted for other things in Amble, such as other infrastructure projects.”