Lifeboat rescues stricken boat

LIFEBOAT crews were called out to rescue three people on board a fishing vessel.

Amble RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat, The Four Boys, launched just before 9am last Thursday to go to the aid of Wasp.

The stricken 29ft day-fisher vessel had suffered mechanical trouble, about four miles south-east of Amble Harbour.

Wasp’s skipper was suffering from sea sickness and was transferred to Amble lifeboat for treatment.

A volunteer crewman was then placed on board Wasp.

Newbiggin lifeboat arrived on scene and, after establishing all was well and all casualties were safe, returned to station.

Wasp was then taken under tow and back into Amble Marina where she was tied up for repairs.

Paul Allen, the Amble RNLI coxswain for the rescue, said: “The skipper did the correct thing in summoning assistance as he was left without propulsion or steering and sea currents would have eventually pushed him toward the rocks.”